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Access Control System

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The main aim of Access Control System (ACS) is limiting access of the unauthorized persons to the building.
Additionally, access to particular doors or spaces is granted automatically.

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Access Control System might be designed according to various methods of authorization:
  • Access Card – currently it is the most popular method of authorization. Every worker – an authorized person – owns a card. The card may be assigned to the specific door including the possibility to fix the specific time table or week schedule. In the case the card is lost, it can be blocked. The additional advantage of access cards is that they can be assigned temporally to a visitor.
  • Access Code – currently it is a less popular method of authorization, due to the high risk of retrieving the code by the unauthorized person. Additionally the identification is considerably hindered. The division of space into zones requires also memorizing a greater number of codes.
  • Biometric data – the most effective but also the most expensive method of authorization. Identification procedure is carried out through the analysis of the physical features of a human e.g. fingerprint, shape of the ear, shape of the hand, iris etc. Person willing to access the protected room needs no additional cards or access code. This method of authorization is highly effective. Hence, getting inside as the representative of the authorized personnel is almost impossible. Radical example – severed finger cannot be used for the authorization.

The systems of authorization listed above can be connected and operate together – e.g. the owner of the card may have to use also the access code.

The access control system can be applied to the single door, as an independent control device connected to the extended access control system installed in the entire building.

Access Control System might be integrated with other systems applied in the building e.g.:
  • TR Systems – time recording system,
  • Warning System – transmission of data concerning burglary attempt,
  • Fire Alarm System – unlocking of the doors due to the fire alarm.

Our offer includes:
  • Designing the Access Control System
  • Merchandising and installation of the Access Control System
  • Servicing of the installed Access Control System