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Extinguishing System

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Extinguishing System is designed for fire suppressing in closed spaces. In the case of server rooms, for example, application of extinguishing agents other than inert gases may result in damaging of precious devices operating inside the room and abort functioning of the system for hours or days. The use of inert gases does not affect people inside the room.

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Most commonly used inert gases for fire extinguishing are:
Inergen Inergen® - the combination of nitrogen and argon mixed in even proportions with carbon dioxide enables more efficient oxygen absorption while breathing. The principle of fire suppressing bases on reduction of the oxygen level within the room from 21% to approx. 14%. Maintaining a low oxygen concentration results in automatic suppression of fire while breathing is still possible.
FM200 FM200®, NOVEC 1230® - an artificially obtained gas. Fire suppressing procedure with the use of this gas is conducted by absorption of the flame’s heat and changing it into intermolecular vibration. This effect disables the burning process. It is a physical effect rather than a chemical reaction. Maintaining appropriate proportions of gas concentration proves the gases to be harmless for people and electronic devices.

Another extremely important aspect of designing extinguishing systems based on solutions incorporating inert gas is the application of pressure release valves.

pressure release valves They reduce the overpressure which is created after release of the extinguishing agent. Lack of overpressure reduction can damage the inside of the room e.g. doors, windows and devices operating inside. The system designed by our company uses pressure release valves whose profiles are properly selected. The proper operation of the system depends as much on selecting extinguishing agent and pressure release valves, as on creating a detecting system.

The fire panel and extinguishing control Most popular method of fire detection employs the even application of smoke detectors in the entire room – both in the proper space of the room, above dropped ceiling and under raised floor. Detectors are connected in serial network most often in two lines. This feature is responsible for the elimination of false alarm and unnecessary release of the extinguishing agent. Every secured room has its own fire alarm and control panel integrated with smoke detectors, pressure release valves and nozzles with fire suppressing agent placed inside the room.

The space where fire is suppressed is fitted with optical Another important feature regards personnel inside the secured room and people responsible for the security of the building. The space where fire is suppressed is fitted with optical and acoustic indicators informing about the fire alarm. Additionally, the control panel inside the secured room transmits signals to the building’s control panel.
Extinguishing System is designed for:
  • Server rooms
  • Data processing centers
  • Telecommunication devices
  • Power stations, heat and power stations
  • Local electricity authority
  • Production devices
  • Laboratories
  • Archives

Our offer includes:
  • Designing the Extinguishing System
  • Sale and installation of the Extinguishing System
  • Servicing of the existing Extinguishing System